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Doodle man, former Scratcher, and college student who draws and occasionally animates too. Hopefully getting back into animating and someday, maybe music.
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Posted by BubbaBrix - June 2nd, 2021

Small news post with a late update on something that happened back in early March: an acquaintance of named TrickWithATwist, known for working on the Pico Untamed demo, scouted me for the Art Portal, so that's pretty neat! I guess that means more people can see my art now, and I like that, but it also means I can't just post crap here all the time. I gotta increase my standards a bit for what I allow myself to post here.

Semi-related, I'd really like to get serious again with drawing in my free time and just constantly pumping out some quality art and hopefully even some animations to upload here. Throughout high school and most of college, I'd usually only spend a lot of time drawing if it was for a class, especially a big project. I need to change that. So yea, I've been on summer break, so hopefully more art shall come soon :) P.S. I haven't used the news post feature since Jan 2020, damn. I'd like to start using this more as well.


Posted by BubbaBrix - January 9th, 2020

It appears all the art (aside from animations) I've been posting on my Deviantart and Twitter for the past 4 years I haven't posted on Newgrounds. Certainly not all of it is worthy of being posted here, in or outside the public Art Portal, but definitely the new stuff made within the past 2 years will be reuploaded to here at some point. Most of it are small art projects done for art courses I've taken at a community college. Also, now that I have a drawing tablet, I'll definitely try to get serious with drawing often again, and those will eventually make their way onto here too! :) Hopefully in the future I'll get back to making flash animations, as the tablet will help with the quality of those as well.