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Ehhh, I'm sorry but this didn't do much for me, which is odd as I have an appreciation for both characters and franchises. I can at least say you do have an impressive range of voices for a more independent voice actor, as well as the art serving its purpose, but the art style didn't intrigue me much and I felt there were some awkward comedy moments and the animation dragged on a bit too long. Take this as you will, constructively or critically.

Loved the part of Squidward and Mr Krabs beating the crap out of Spongebob. Great interpretation of the audio.

Tbh, I never watched much of Courage, nor do I have a big interest in doing so now. I like some creepy stuff, and genre hybrids in media, but I dunno, never appealed to me most of the time. I was always more of a Chowder or Flapjack guy. But I gotta say, this reanimated collab absolutely does the original cartoon justice! Would love to see the creator come across this and give his thoughts. Great job to everyone!

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I really like the atmosphere and colors used here, and I understand this is a WIP, a decent one at that, but the music doesn't really fit the tone, and the movement is a bit too stiff for my tastes. I can definitely see the F-Zero inspiration in this too, and I'm always glad to see people bringing some of the F-Zero magic into their projects! Interested in seeing future versions of this.

Voice acting could be better in some parts, but the futanari is really what drew me into this. Great job!

This is pretty rad, dude! :) I love the graphics/art style, and the music as well, and although I know this is a demo which according to you, is supposed to "feel unfair", I agree with MaverickMode when he says you should be able to swing your sword while you run. Tbh tho, I just jumped over all the enemies and decided not to fight them :P

heyopc responds:

Yeeah its supposed to make you feel like not fighting

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Sick shit, bro. Did you make the beat all by yourself, or did you mess around with some pre-made samples?

heyopc responds:

The guitar and horns are samples

but just how enormous are we talking, my dude? 😏

heyopc responds:

my peepee is very small 😔

Holy crap, this is actually really catchy dude. I've watched your animations for a long time now but I hadn't realized how talented you were at composing music I guess :P

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Love the way you draw breasts, my dude.

Never stop drawing futas, Lime! :3

The world can always use more Curly Brace.

As of now, I just post old high school animations. Might start making some new ones to post here, and possibly sometime in the future I'd like to try making music too.

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