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Yo, Chris did the music for this?? I had a feeling. Also, this animation... SMELLS OF EGORAPTOR

Hope this makes front page 👌

An absolute classic. Man I miss being a kid on Newgrounds.

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Pretty frustrating at times, but usually the challenge is fair and just takes some practice. However, pretty sure I came across one cheese that is either impossible to get and overlooked or it was intentionally put there as a prank cheese. That said, art style and dope and music is in fact great. Wasn't aware you and Kawai collaborated on a game before FNF.

Looking great so far! The music Kovo/Wick did sounds great, and your art is on point as always! Looking forward to future versions.

Nicely done!

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An absolute classic. :D I might've first heard this track the year it released. Heard it used a bit around a site I grew up making stuff on called Scratch (no worries, its a kids site where content is non-profit). I ended up making a game called Nightmare in 2016 and used this track for it :)

ChronoNomad responds:

Ayyy! Very cool to hear, BubbaBrix. Actually, I took this track and remixed it with another one with a similar vibe last year for Halloween. Check out Bump in the Nightmare some time, and thanks for the review!

Yooo, this is a bop! :D

For just a cutscene/story track loop, this really stuck out to me and I love it :D

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big tomboy energy

Diet-Heck responds:

hell yes

Congrats to Sly for his increased risk of prostate cancer :P In all honesty, I love the art that comes out of NNN, but I don't take the actual thing serious at all

Diet-Heck responds:

yeah, it's DEFINITELY an excuse for me to draw more dumb cummy stuff

Great art, but considering she's Chomp-ette, I would fear a possible bite down...

Doodle man, former Scratcher, and college student who draws and occasionally animates too. Hopefully getting back into animating and someday, maybe music.
NOTE: I may favorite and comment on adult content that's not for kiddos, so minors beware.

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