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Man, where to start with this? The animation was fluid and entertaining, the comedy was on-point (the Goofy reference especially), and overall the whole thing just has a lot of charm and effort put into it. Great job, Luigi's Mansion is still a very underrated game in my mind, and I'm glad 3 almost reached that level of polish.

That one from Snackers, jesus christ XD. There's so many hilarious and cleverly made clips here! I don't absolutely hate Raymond, but yeah, he's pretty overrated. Great job to everyone involved in the collab!

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What did you just say?

Great job on this! A buttjob from her would be legendary.

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Powerful buns

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Extremely well made. God bless WayForward for the quality games and quality babes they gave us.

Wow, I'm actually surprised to see some vaginal action in this one! I remember reading a comment or response from you long ago regarding how you felt about vaginas as opposed to oral or anal sex, and I can understand that but I do personally prefer to see vaginal penetration in lewd art. Anyways, great job!

I really like the atmosphere and colors used here, and I understand this is a WIP, a decent one at that, but the music doesn't really fit the tone, and the movement is a bit too stiff for my tastes. I can definitely see the F-Zero inspiration in this too, and I'm always glad to see people bringing some of the F-Zero magic into their projects! Interested in seeing future versions of this.

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Hmmm. Well I can't give you expert-quality feedback as someone who doesn't compose music, but I will say that I personally think the song might have either too much percussion or the volume of it needs to be toned down a bit. That's just me though, everyone's hearing sensitivity is different. Otherwise I think the song is good, maybe not exactly my cup of tea in terms of style or tone, but it's mostly up to on whether you're satisfied with the product. It's important to make music you like to make, not necessarily what your listeners enjoy. :)

Lots of potential here, I like the beat 👌

This is pretty dope and catchy, guys! Great job on this.

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The bounce is pretty hypnotizing :P

There needs to be more women wearing "yeah they're natural" shirts :3

Doodle man who so far has just posted old animations and some other art. Hopefully getting back into animating and someday, maybe music.
BEWARE: I may favorite adult content that's not for kiddos.

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